This place I found

This place that I have found is amazing.

I never thought that I could live in this place. I never knew for certain that I was living in this place, yet not living at all. For the longest time I would wonder if all this beauty and all these fabulous things were always here.

It is amazing how much control we really do have in our own lives. As a child I had a blast. As the years came by, I could not gather in my little (yet great) brain, why the society and the world I was coming to see was the way it was.

As a child I learned by experience that which I should not do. As the years went by, I grew a sort of gut instinct that let me know what was right and wrong. As the years went by, I began to question my way of thinking (as most of us do) I began to believe that societies norms were really the right thing to do and what they considered wrong, really was wrong.

Sounds familiar? If not, then you are lucky… or not.

I began to be conditioned, like we all do. While I was “living” in the state that I thought life really was, I was miserable internally and most of the times, it showed externally. At times I would adapt to what life was supposed to be and at times I rebelled. I lived a see-saw adventure, nevertheless an adventure. I had my good times and I had my bad times (like we all do).

Yet today I realize that my yesterdays were All good. That all my time was and is really good times. At times it is really hard to see that, but really that is all that is.

One day no different than the rest, I decided to see if I could make a ripple on the waters of my life. At first it was pretty funny. Funny, because things just started popping-up; good things. Somehow, someway, I began to get luckier. Granted life was still life, and being lucky tends to bring bad luck at times. However, from the moment that I began to make a ripple, I started seeing changes, positive changes. For the second time in my life I made a Great decision… I kept on making ripples. From one side to the other; from negative to positive; from the not so certain of this life, to the happiest person I know, I changed.

Although it was from one single second, making one single honest decision, that all this change came about, it really kicked on from making many little decisions along the way. I began to see clearer.

Clearer in the sense that I felt my vision; my perception, was very cloudy. I feel as though now I really do see clearer. In the beginning I realized that most of the problems with my life was the perception I had of it, and of every single thing within this world and even the next.From having negative perception on so many aspects and situations in life, to living without perceptions on anything.

However, then and at times now, I have to place a positive perception on some situations in order to continue making myself lucky.

The true point is to take control. In order to take control, you must not have any perception of anything. To take true control, you must be open to all possibilities; be vast. Take “control” of a car with the perception that nothing can or will happen to you, and it can prove to be deadly. That is a big decision (and we make it all the time) yet what I speak of is the little decisions.

The little things in life really is all that matters. The little becomes the big. The poor becomes the rich. The average becomes the great. All those do it by small increments.

You truly Can move mountains, but it all starts with a ripple. Amazingly I haven’t begun a wave, yet I have created the most beautiful waves anyone has ever seen. I haven’t begun a wave; I only continue to make little ripples in the water of my life. It is as I have found the way to becoming a lucky person. The way (in my life) to be the greatness we all are. Yet, there is no particular path, mine is mine and it is created and destroyed every moment of my life.

In no way or form can I require anyone to walk my path in order to find this place I have found. The person that claimed that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder was on to something… but not on to everything. Beauty can be in the eyes of the beholder, if the beholder creates a positive perception of life. But beauty is outside and everywhere the eyes of the beholder, if the beholder has no perception of life.This place that I am in, you are too. Just like me before, you might not notice that you are already there.

Although I am not religious, this place that I am in, feels amazingly spiritual. Spiritual in the sense that I feel it from deep within and breathe it, live it, and I am totally aware of it. I look for the great ideas that a meaningful conversation has to offer. I look for the great ideas that a vast and good book has to offer. I look for the great ideas that a “bad” situation has to offer. I look for the great ideas that I may miss because I don’t think that they have anything to offer.I live in total control.

I live as aware as I do. I went back to dusting the old gut and now I listen more to my gut instinct. I do rightly according to Me, simply because it is the right thing to do. I realize that I have always been great, just as you. I just began to make little ripples and continue to do so, on my everyday life. Moment to moment, step by step, little decisions at a time, determined, yet effortlessly.

This place that I found was always here. This place that I have found might not be the right choice of words.

Maybe I found me. Life is great, but only if you ALLOW it to be.

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