My Obituary

While on my run last night I wondered what my obituary would say. I thought about asking someone to write one for me to see. Immediately I thought that would be pretty egotistical. It felt as if I would be begging for good things to say about me. So I asked myself the question. Can... Continue Reading →

Adam’s Corner – Resilience

Resilience  You bust your behind hard enough, long enough, you don't complain, you grow daily, you earn every bit of your life. Life begins to feel like it should. Then the floor falls off from under your feet and you find yourself in a place you never expected to ever be. The comeback of that... Continue Reading →

I hear voices

There's a main voice we constantly hear in our heads. Then there's the many voices that sound like a loud bar with bad music. We usually have both sets of voices. What is your morning routine? The voice you hear asking you that question and the one narrating your agenda is the voice we constantly... Continue Reading →

Ikigai in Progress

What the world needs. We need wonderersWe need thinkersWe need philosophersWe need guidesWe need mentorsWe need to be studentsWe need to become learnersWe need big brothersWe need to be gratefulWe need to be disciplinedWe need lovers of wisdomWe need to have the talks no one is havingWe need to take responsibility for it allWe need... Continue Reading →


Do I need a Bio? What does my Bio even look like? Well…. I guess it would look a little like this, What I look like and who I am doesn't fit in a box. Standing at 6'5'' and weighing in at  275 lbs I stand out a bit. I try not to, but when... Continue Reading →


The Hardcover The Paperback The E-Book The Journal The Workbook The Field Guide The Journal, Workbook, and Field Guide will be live soon. Keep checking back.

Introduction to An Atoms Journey, lessons from a Higher Consciousness

Like many children, I had fantastic parents, great older siblings, and a wonderful family. My childhood was pretty average; good and challenging times, but nothing uniquely different from a normal childhood. I was raised in a very uncomplicated place in simpler times. I didn’t have much, but I didn’t lack anything. I love the simplicity... Continue Reading →

What a Year – 2022

2022 has been full of surprises, blessings, challenges and adventures. I cannot ask for much more in my life (although I still do) I have a fantastic life. Enough love around me for a few lifetimes, friendships and bonds that I've been blessed to encounter throughout the years, challenges just enough to keep me on... Continue Reading →


Addiction is such a powerful force. It can and will take your soul if you allow it. Take it from me, I have plenty of experience with addiction. I've had so many bad habits throughout my life. Some of those habits were addictions.The first addiction I can think of was having a victim mentality. I... Continue Reading →

Everyday Wisdom

1. Be fair - be fair to yourself, your family, peers, supervisors, etc. If you focus on being fair, you'll generally make the best decision available. Some decisions are not set in stone, they change depending on circumstances therefore remain fair to make the best decision. 2. Earn everything - anything you work hard for,... Continue Reading →


According to Oxford Dictionary it is bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.Very likely up there with carrying hate and anger. One must try at all cost to avoid this feeling. Unlike pain and fear, resentment has zero positive effects on the front or back end. It's is very similar to stress, it just eats... Continue Reading →

Atom’s Journey

Update: This little bedtime story has been rewritten and expanded into a published book. Enjoy An Atom's Journey: Lessons from a higher consciousness Having children is one of the most enlightened experiences one can have. In teaching we learn and sometimes we even surprise ourselves in explaining certain aspects of life. Many years ago... Continue Reading →

Whose Fanning your flame?

If you're out there trying to become the best version of yourself possible, it is likely that you seem like an obsessed person. Good! That means you're not settling for the norms and that you're passionate about your goal and desire to achieve success in your life. When we're competing in a team sport or... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

Push through the challenges in life Put your head down and run further than you think possible in every situation Life isn't always easy, it's never been meant to be easy, it just is You need to spend a lot of time by yourself in order to make sense out of the internal constant noise,... Continue Reading →

Another Failure

I know that's a heck of a title. I'm a big believer in the saying by Norman Vincent Peale — 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' I have a reputation for setting some very high goals. Usually personal goals so if I fail they don't hurt anyone else.... Continue Reading →

How do I get motivated?

Most of the nuggets of wisdom that I come in contact with are usually from self talk. After a busy days worth of work and frustrations I asked myself the question, How do I get myself motivated? Then I realize that I'm asking the wrong question. The right question is, how do I build the... Continue Reading →

Practice is Perfect

Too many of us expect to tweak our normal routine and immediately see results. The truth is that most of the time we won't see results for quite a while. All my life I've heard, practice makes perfect. Yet again this is one of those erroneous beliefs we must unlearn. Many years ago I identified... Continue Reading →

To Fear or not to Fear

I've read and heard this quote a million times and yet, I just don't agree with it. I fear failure, maybe because I'm still in the game of life and not just talking about the past. I say, be fearful, be scared shitless of failing. It keeps you on your feet. Keeps your heart pumping.... Continue Reading →

I Raised My Standards

Ones upon a time I had a huge void within. This void attracted anything and everything without judgement, without prescreening, and without any requirements. I wholeheartedly believe that many people have had this exact feeling at some point or another and quite possibly still feeling it. Through this time in my life I needed "friends"... Continue Reading →

Physical, mental and emotional pain

We often run away from anything painful. We usually avoid emotional, physical and mental pain. We seek out comfort. Although for safety reasons that all makes sense, when we study the great folks who have achieved great success and wisdom they usually have something in common. They went through a great deal of emotional, mental... Continue Reading →

Patience or effort?

Nobody wants to live with regrets. However we often refrain from taking chances that could lead us to a brighter tomorrow. We too often make excuses for ourselves with, "well I might have not met such and such or had my kids, etc." What if the truth is that you could've optimized your life and... Continue Reading →

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