Old year New year


What did I learn?

Did I impact my mental and physical health?

What’s next?

I love my kids current ages for they give me so much perspective on life. Spending the quality time that I’ve been able to this year has been amazing and priceless.

I’ve learned that I can pick up and go anywhere and be fine. Home is where my loved ones are.

I’ve learned that isolation is sometimes needed in order to grow.

I’ve learned that even if I’m growing older it doesn’t mean I can’t also grow stronger, healthier and more fulfilled.

I learned a lot this year. I learned that when I write here, I generally do so as a sort of journal rather than as an article.

I’ve learned that location doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness comes from within.

I learned how to push myself way beyond my current expectations.

I learned that I can run. Went from my 1st run being .22 of a mile before stopping to 20 miles in less than 4 months.

Once I got into running, I quickly realized that I was running for the mental benefits more than the physical benefits.

Now what? I’m big on new year’s resolutions so….

I think working on my physical and mental health has definitely been a great theme for me so let’s bring in the new year with some better eating habits, and sharing my mental and physical activities on a daily for self accountability.

Goal one

Intermittent fasting. Beginning with a 16/8 on week one. I’m going to run a couple different variations of this through the next 60 days with 16/8 being the easiest.

Goal two

Exercise more. This one is going to be pretty since in 2019 I put in lots of miles and I worked out so much. Nevertheless, I know I can do even better this year.

Goal three

Although I read some great books in 2019, this year I commit to reading a lot more. I plan on carving some time every day to make sure I read.

Goal four

Throughout the years I’ve achieved some great clarity in my mind and my soul through writing. However like reading I feel I can do so much better. In 2020 I plan on journaling every day in order to feed my soul.

In my professional life I have goals however my main goal there is to continue making a difference in the establishment and more importantly on each individual until it is time for me to do so on a greater scale.

Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings in.

I plan on living with a little more purpose this year.


Live Responsibly

One thought on “Old year New year

Add yours

  1. You’ve had an exciting 2019, be you can be proud of for the many crucial lessons you’ve accumulated along the way. I appreciate sharing part of the journey with you, as it has helped me grow and fill my heart with joy.
    I’ve completed many races in my life, but none filled me with satisfaction as the two we completed together. This proves that achievement with the people fuels us more than any single achievement in isolation.
    That said life is about equilibrium, in order to give you must fuel yourself first mostly in isolation. Like you, meditation, reading, and my long walks, runs and biking give me the space and time to liberate my mind and soul to think, and and create.
    I am confident that you are ready to take giant leaps and that the best years are ahead of you.


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