Harmony between our spirit and our body

Let’s imagine that before we got to this beautiful green earth that we were spiritual beings. Let’s pretend that we were the invisible: the Spirit, the Heart, the Mind, the Soul that we all deep down know we are. To keep it short let’s call it simply the spirit. Furthermore, to top it off let’s just say we’ve been around for eternity in this way.

Now let’s say we were sent here to experience life as we now know it. This life full of senses, touch, taste, love, choices, etc.

There’s one catch, you must reside in this vehicle we call the body for the entire stay on earth. Nothing good comes easy right? So there’s some adjustments to be made.

We’ve either known someone or seen it on TV where an organ transplant has some complications because the body rejects the strange organ right? So let’s pretend that the body and the spirit have some complications with each other.

I truly believe that the spirit and the body are two very different things. I’ve seen this more on kids. Their spirit wants to walk, talk, grab things and so on but the body doesn’t quite respond to it in a perfect manner. The infant babbles away and continues to fall as he or she tries to walk.

Interestingly enough I’ve never seen an infant give up and decide that they’re not willing to do the work to eventually talk or walk or grab things. I’ve never seen infants become depressed because the body and spirit is not in perfect sync.

What I do see is a relentless work ethic to succeed, to learn languages faster than at any other age, learn to walk, run and leap. The children seem to know that the spirit and the body are two different things but they seem to instinctively know that they must work hard, be disciplined and consistent in creating harmony between the two.

I wholeheartedly believe that as adults the dis-eases of the mind and many mental health issues are derived from the lack of harmony between the two. We rather talk on the phone or listen to music or watch endless hours of TV than to listen to what’s going on in our own heads.

What happens when there’s no communication, understanding or harmony in a relationship? It just doesn’t work. What happens when the body rejects the strange organ? It just doesn’t work.

We must listen, strive to understand and find a way to bring the spirit and the body into harmony with each other.

I truly believe that the earliest success of religions was that to a large degree they realize that there was a spirit within us and that’s where their focus was. When prayer was invented it was probably the answer to it all, even today. Unfortunately I think where they went wrong was in their claim that the spirit is all the way out there beyond the sky way far from inside you and I.

Prayer can be the vehicle for communication between the body and the spirit. This practice can be absolutely amazing if one realizes the spirit within.

Another sensible practice throughout time is to learn to be silent and listen, to pause, to meditate.

Unbeknownst to many, meditation is not about thinking of nothing but rather listening closely to oneself in silence. When a thought arises, when an itch comes about, when anxiety sets in you acknowledge it without judgement then continue to listen to oneself.

In doing so, we learn to listen and realize every thought doesn’t require an action, an assumption, a reaction or a judgement which all causes dis-eases within. This need to react causes us to feel crazy.

Find a way to create harmony within yourself. Create harmony within the Spirit, the Heart, the Mind, the Soul and your body.

The harmony will create ease in my humble opinion.

Love y’all

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