Atom’s Journey

Update: This little bedtime story has been rewritten and expanded into a published book. Enjoy

An Atom’s Journey: Lessons from a higher consciousness

Having children is one of the most enlightened experiences one can have. In teaching we learn and sometimes we even surprise ourselves in explaining certain aspects of life. Many years ago I was teaching my oldest as a child how easy beliefs are made up, specifically religious beginnings. So like all the great teachers before us I made up a parable or story. Circle around over a decade later and I find myself telling the story at bedtime to my younger boys. I think you may find the story enjoyable as they all have so here it goes.

Once upon a time in a far away galaxy this little atom was doing his job flawlessly and perfect for all of eternity. Why eternity? Great question, because like we learned in grade school energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred. So Atom has been around from the beginning and will remain in one form or another until the end.

Atom’s boss, let’s name him God, came around to chat with Atom. Hey Atom stop for a minute, let’s chat. Atom was startled as he’s never stopped doing his job before or even had the choice to do so. Yes God, Atom replied. Atom, you’ve done such an amazing job for so very long that I wanted to give you a small token of appreciation. This week is employee appreciation week and I’ve been picking an amazing employee here and there to send off on vacation for the week. Sound good to you?

Well I have no idea what a vacation is or what it entails but if you are offering me something I reckon I’d take it, answered Atom. Well Atom I’m going to explain a little about what this whole vacation thing is all about but a funny thing about it is that you’ll never remember we even had this conversation ones you go on vacation. If Atom was confused prior to that statement now he was at a total loss.

God continued, first of all a week in the galaxy I’m sending you off to is more like 75 years there which is nothing but a blip in time hence why it’s only a week here. Moreover, I know you cannot even begin to imagine anything that I’m about to tell you but I’m still going to share it with you.

The place I’m sending you to I like to call heaven but those who live there usually call it earth, some may even call it hell, how silly of them. If they only knew. One of the coolest things about your vacation is that you’ll actually be in charge of roughly 7 octillion atoms. Atom gasped and said, how but how am I going to be able to handle being in charge of them all, how is this a good thing? God smiled and said, like I said before I don’t expect you to understand all of this at this time.

God began again, in this place you’ll be equipped with the highest quality computer ever imagined in order to control all your atoms. Folks there call this computer the brain, I call it a gift. You’re going to have a countless amount of gifts while there, I’ll describe a few of them for you.

Some of your gifts;

Vision or Seeing

As you know in our galaxy you see everything as it truly is which is everything all at ones so all you see is black, the combination of everything at the same time. In this new place, this gift of vision will automatically separate colors, shapes and sizes in order for you to see  objects and beings in a personal manner. Again, it may not be reality but it is an amazing experience to be able to see.

Hearing, tasting, smelling and touching

I can go on about each of these amazing gifts but they’re all very similar yet very different than vision. The gifts will separate sounds, tastes, smells, and textures to give you a very different experience than reality which is everything all at once.

Free Will

One of my personal favorite gifts for you is this magical gift I like to call free will. For eternity you’ve had a job and you’ve never wavered on doing it. While in that galaxy and place most call earth you’ll be able to stop, rest, keep going, go for a coffee or a walk or to the bathroom (not going to explain this one) and virtually anything you want to do. You can even quit your job and look for a different one. Atom’s don’t get to have free will, they just do their job perfectly so this one is truly magical.


Oh boy. Even if you could remember this conversation you’re very likely to never fully comprehend what love is but you’ll never be able to deny it. This one may be the hardest one to describe as it is the embodiment of myself within the gift. You’ll find joy, sadness, hurt, excitement and a million other gifts with this one.

The gifts are countless as I mentioned before. Your brain is going to be able to take you through this journey or vacation on pretty much auto pilot while patiently waiting for your heart and soul to catch up and take over your life. For some Atom’s this can take a little bit (25 years) or longer (55 years) but I’m giving you free will so I won’t press you to realize that the experience is only temporary.

Oh, like I said before, you’re not going to recall any of this conversation because another gift to you is for you to be able to experience this kind of life on your own terms and learning all the gifts is part of the journey. Some will help you along your journey and some may seem to hinder your progress but they’re all perfect for the journey. The mind which is another gift I won’t even venture on trying to explain because most think the mind and brain are the same, has a little thing called perception which if you don’t grab control of it , it will judge everything, everyone, and every situation.

Unfortunately, some think that their vacation starts after their experience in earth is over and it’s unfortunate for them to miss the true heaven they spent 75 years in. Some realize the amazing gifts and enjoy the journey like a surfer rides his favorite waves. Some cannot handle the complexity of their gifts and decide to alter their brain so much they all the circuits get crossed to such a point that not even I can make sense of it.

Throughout it all, I’ll be watching you. You won’t remember who or what I am but we are of the same cloth at our core so you’ll have this little nagging feeling that I’m out there somewhere. Funny thing is that I’ll be so much closer than you can even imagine. Remember the gifts? Everything together at ones? You and I are not separate.

Although life on earth may not reflect reality, it truly is an amazing gift and joy to experience. Enjoy it while you have it. You never know if I choose you again to go on vacation. Some have gone on vacation many times and for some this is their 1st time. Some may even say that I make these choices based on their decisions in their last vacation.

There’s lots of beliefs out there, heaven, hell, karma, reencarnation and so much more. Try not to fall in the trap that this is what you should focus on. Simply do your best with what you have and follow your instincts (some may say that’s my voice in your head).

I’ll stop the story there. The story gets a lot longer and we have many conversations that derive from this story. Maybe one day it’ll be a chapter in my book but for now I hope it’s been thought provoking and at the least, entertaining.

Love y’all!

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