How to change your life in one single moment

Change your life in a single moment

That’s right. I have the secret of changing your entire life in one single moment. How do I know this? Because I did it myself. Since that single moment, I have acquired a career, a stable relationship, established a home, recreated my entire mindset, walked a completely different path, became a student of life, went to college, became a leader and a mentor and so much more.

Hard to believe that all the above and more was the harvest of a single moment in time. We possess unmeasurable strength of will and resiliency. I once heard someone explaining the difference between a white belt and a black belt as the black belt is simply a white belt that never stops training, I love that. I am a white belt in training and I don’t foresee myself ever not being a student of life.

Please don’t misunderstand the original statement. Although I changed my entire life in one moment, it doesn’t mean it was easy to harvest the fruits of my labor. Labor because it took work, I sowed the seeds of that moment and like the Chinese Bamboo I had to water it, fertilize it, care for it each and every single day for years. But just like the Chinese Bamboo, after years of hard work and sometimes doubt, there was a breakthrough. This particular kind of bamboo holds the Guinness world record for once it finally breakthrough the ground, sometimes five years after being planted, it can grow up to 1.5 inches per hour, literally growing in front of your eyes.

The growth has never seized since that faithful day over 20 years ago. Just like any other healthy plant, life hasn’t gone absolutely perfect since. Nevertheless, it was a different kind of life, one without a certain death by dis-ease or by an unhealthy journey. Life has required some treatments, some pruning, and even some training in order to grow properly.

One single moment. Have you figured out what that moment was?

A decision.

A single decision made on my own to myself.

A decision to sacrifice the next three to five years of my life to try and undo the mess I had made of myself.

A decision to put on horse blinders in order to focus relentlessly on the path and destiny I should live and thrive in.

I can imagine the disbelief in your mind as you read that and likely you probably don’t believe that it was all from that moment and to sacrifice? Well that’s not enticing.

However, I’ve learned that I needed to suffer in order to seize the suffering.

Furthermore, the decision to sacrifice for years, although it was a true and honest one, it never happened.

I truly believe that the difference the above decision made in my life at that very moment was an honest commitment to myself. I had never been so honest with myself, I had never promised myself anything, much less something so life and death like.

The commitment brought the weight of the suffering, the depression, the deaths I had experienced by then, the troubles I had put myself in for so long, and just being sick and tired of being sick and tired into focus.

For so long I thought I was broken beyond repair and tried to adapt to that reality. Thankfully the greatness in me (the same greatness we all possess) made me restless and kept nudging me to do better. If I knew better, why wasn’t I doing better?

One commitment
One decision
One promise

If you want something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done.

Live responsibly

Love y’all

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  1. “For so long I thought I was broken beyond repair and tried to adapt to that reality.” I’m actually in tears right now, because this thought separates me from all the others who lost their memory and gave up, being committed or committing suicide. I am extremely fortunate. Thank you.

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    1. I can completely relate, been committed and attempted suicide several times. Now, I can’t believe I ever felt that way. Everyone’s journey can differ. I’m glad you are here. Thank you!

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      1. Suicide is such a slippery slope. (Not meant as a tongue-twister, but I’ve found using them to release stress is healthy! 😁)

        I tried a couple of times as a teen, but they went comically bad. After the amnesia, I only recall once, because it was incredibly horrifying—not because of what I’d done, but the cold-hearted nurse attending informed me that if she had her way, she wouldn’t help me at all. She told me that people like me, set on offing myself, should be allowed to do so and make room for the people who are deserving. Even with amnesia, I remember that conversation.

        You’re correct that everyone’s journey varies. Although I’ve never been committed, I can’t say I’m jealous of that experience, but I’m certain you were able to learn more of this experience than a lot of people.

        Still, being as intelligent and caring as you are, I’m positive there are a lot of others relieved and happy you’re here.

        You’ve just managed to tweak mine a little bit. Glad you’ve crossed my path.

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  2. Really well said. I’ve recently had that similar realization, moment and decision. Reading this gave me chills. It is the truth and I fully believe I’m merely catching up to where I belong far more than I’m fixing my broken self.

    Socrates said something like put all your energy in building the new, not fighting the old, so we seem to be following a pretty profound wisdom 💙

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  3. We can never live fulfilled lives until we either pass through the hard knocks of life or learn from others who have passed through the same so that we can benefit from them. Thanks for making my day.

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