My little place for Self Talk

Been working on me for a very long time. Attempting to become the best version of myself. Currently at a solid 2.5 out of 10 in arriving at my best version. Definitely an amateur, a student, a white belt. Nevertheless, eagerly and actively learning and absorbing everything I can that helps me in the journey... Continue Reading →

Examining My Own Actions

I struggle with not sharing my journey at times. Sometimes I feel that I'm inspiring by sharing my journey. Then at times I think I bother some folks by making them feel like I'm judging them that they're not doing enough. Some may feel that I am sharing something negative, that what I do is... Continue Reading →

Change your life

What if I told you the formula for changing your life was simple and easy? What if I told you that you can begin changing your life within minutes? What if I told you that you can begin pealing back the layers of negativity and lies away immediately? All of the above is true. What... Continue Reading →

My Values

Work on me If I don't work on me I'm not going to be good enough for my children, wife, family or team. Be better than you was yesterday. All in Mentality Don't do anything half ass, not even three quarters in. All in or nothing. Do it to a fault. Self Talk The relationship... Continue Reading →

Pick and choose your battles

One day I realized that I was using that statement to create excuses. They're ALL my battles! Prioritize your battles. Organize them in such a way that by fighting certain battles first, you'll eliminate other battles. When we hear "pick and choose your battles!", Something rings true. Nevertheless, it is usually used to cop out... Continue Reading →


Throughout the years I've realized that to empower others is extremely important. Definitely a lesson I learned well into my leadership career. One thing I learned a long time ago probably by way of examples was to take full on control of a situation, own it, make it your own, begin to build it and... Continue Reading →

The Heart’s Alternator

Growing up in this world isn't exactly easy. However, our mind is so great that we adapted to our environment in order to survive. This process is done mostly without our assistance, like an auto pilot. So we can assume that for the better part of 25 years many if not most of us operate... Continue Reading →


Motivation is nothing more than a little boost in a long race. What's better than motivation is discipline and consistency. Be determined to work hard every day without fail. I promise you, you will not always be motivated. But you can make sure to be action based and all about executing. Plans, talks and day... Continue Reading →

Standards, Discipline, and Accountability

Always have high standards for yourself, those you call your close friends, your business, and life in general. Have the discipline to uphold those standards. Most importantly, hold yourself Painfully Accountable for your actions and inactions. Example: I am in my 28th day of running an average of 4 miles a day, Everyday as punishment... Continue Reading →


Hard work wins it all The miles on the watch are great so I can beat my best every day, every week, every month and every year.It keeps me in the fight or race of me against me. However, the miles that matter  the most are the ones I'm putting on my mind. Hardwork relates... Continue Reading →

Self Mastery

DedicationDeterminationCommitment A great place to get this kind of experience is running. Running SUCKS! We must suffer in order to grow. We tell the mind who's boss here. The mind wants to quit, give up, go take a nap. But we tell the body "Not today!" In running we really get to see how much... Continue Reading →


5/18 For the year of the Vision, this has been extremely interesting and we're not even half the year in. Many folks got a much needed break from the hustle and bustle. I don't think most asked for this break but I don't hear many complaints about not working. Like many folks out there I... Continue Reading →

2020 The Vision

It's that time a year again when I reflect upon my traditional 60 day reboot. The mantra this year is "This is my healthiest year yet". I've logged just about every stat I could these past 60 days. I've ate very clean with none to little bad fats, sugar and gluten and very few processed... Continue Reading →

My Why

Throughout life I've read and heard in many places the question of what is your why. I've always figured I knew it. Nonetheless, I figured it may be a good practice to go ahead and put some down on paper, so here I go. Why do I do what I do in a daily basis?... Continue Reading →

Tunnel Vision

I wrote this many years ago and yet it still rigs true

Jimmy Perez

Most of my life, I’ve had a friend called, tunnel vision. I say, friend because it’s always had a positive effect on me. Negative by nature since its been mostly in a car. Never in my life would I’ve imagine that it has been a great thing. Once I was blind and now I see.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I love fast cars so much? Why I like speed? As I grow responsible and as I try to look at the foundation of everything, I’ve really been stumped by those two questions. Recently, I sat down with my father in law and asked him why he loved the speed. Great person to ask, since he has a ten second hotrod with all the bells and whistles, of course for track raising only.

He didn’t seem to really have the same questions. He simply loves it, therefore he does it…

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Who are we?

Everyone we come in contact with throughout our lives leaves something behind in us. Essentially, we're a little bit of everyone we spend any kind of time with. This is a very interesting thought and a very true one at that. Scary as well. Now, I know there's some folks we completely disagree about but... Continue Reading →

How? You just Do it!

I often enjoy reading through others journey looking for hints that may help my own. Recently I found the burning questions from a gentleman disturbing. I can't recall exactly what the questions were, but they were along the lines of "how do I wake up early? How do I go workout? How do I such... Continue Reading →

Old year New year

2019 What did I learn? Did I impact my mental and physical health? What's next? I love my kids current ages for they give me so much perspective on life. Spending the quality time that I've been able to this year has been amazing and priceless. I've learned that I can pick up and go... Continue Reading →

Get Healthy

Such a vague statement right? This was my goal for 2019. Not much thought got put into it but just the above statement. I figured I would figure it out as I went. Began with a very strict vegan diet for the first two months. That was fun.... Now what? Working out, yay I haven't... Continue Reading →

Influence by Example

We've all heard the term of leading by example but after a few different conversations this past week I toyed with this term. It feels stronger than just leading. Then again words are just that, words. Throughout my career as a leader it has always been common sense to me to be a great example.... Continue Reading →

Big Brother Leadership Approach

I dug everywhere trying to find a leadership style similar to my own. Although I found many golden nuggets I could not find exactly what I was looking for. For lack of any term found, I'm going to call it the Big Brother Leadership approach. Just like it sounds, the style is very much like... Continue Reading →

Failure is a Must

For many years I've been working on me hardcore. I've heard we must fail a heck of a lot before we can succeed. I'm extremely lucky and very positive so I hadn't really gotten in toon with this whole failure thing. Then I began to really look into it. Wow, I've really mastered this whole... Continue Reading →


I loved when I 1st learned this concept many years ago. It is what many people in the east say internally when they bow to you. To me I thought they were all just saying hi. I'm huge in seeing people's greatness in them even if they don't see it in themselves. This concept explains... Continue Reading →

Reach one Teach one

In teaching we learn In coaching others you inevitable hold yourself to a higher standard The big brother concept has died out with the new ages, revive it See the greatness in others even or specially if they don't see it in themselves Reach one Teach one is a term used in mentoring The mentor... Continue Reading →

Finally Done

My new year's resolution has been completed. 60 Days 100% vegan Nothing processed No bread Wow that was as hard as I thought it would be. I feel terrific, all my senses feel heightened. My concentration feels great. I can't lie though, can't wait for some eggs and cheese. My favorite lesson taken in from... Continue Reading →


Be Humble How to become humble? Give credit to others, always Be grateful when a compliment is given Be proud of your strengths but be humble by your areas of opportunity and work on them Ask feedback from those close to you, ask them for three things they appreciate and admire about you and three... Continue Reading →

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