2020 The Vision

It’s that time a year again when I reflect upon my traditional 60 day reboot.

The mantra this year is “This is my healthiest year yet”.

I’ve logged just about every stat I could these past 60 days. I’ve ate very clean with none to little bad fats, sugar and gluten and very few processed foods.

Although loosing weight wasn’t the primary goal, I lost over 20lbs. Body fat was a huge goal.

More importantly than anything else, the reboot like all the past ones was meant to create healthy habits and momentum.

It’s been almost a year since my 1st ever run and about half a year running regularly.

Although I work a lot these past 60 days, I tried to be as effective as possible so I can create time for my mental and physical fitness while not neglecting my career and my family.

A beautiful side effect of my reboot and/or my past decisions have ignited a passion on some others including my wife and my youngest son both running further distances than I could’ve possibly imagine happening anytime soon.

The reboot is not the end all but only a new beginning. I plan on running 1,000 miles in 2020. I plan on spending time with my family doing so. Running with my wife and kids on a regular basis and running a 15k, half marathon and full marathon with my brother this year.

15k in Birmingham

1/2 marathon in Atlanta

Full marathon Chattanooga TN

On my last day of my reboot my youngest decided to take the plunge and run two miles with me. I cannot express the pride and joy I felt, then the next day running 3 miles with me at 6 years old.

Not in competition with anyone other than myself. Determined to work hard and push myself to challenging my mind and body.

Giving a new meaning to new year’s resolutions these past few years and completing them 100%

Below is my log. All 60 days I did intermittent fasting a minimum of 16 hours a day. Delay rather than deny seems and feels better than any other”diet” methods.

Week 1
16/8 intermittent fasting
1. 7.7  miles ride and 100 pushups
2. 100 crunches
3. three miles on treadmill
4. 30 minutes workout biceps and traps plus 2.5 miles treadmill. 1st book completed
5. 100 squats
6. 30 minutes workout shoulders and triceps plus 2.5 miles on treadmill
7. 7 miles bike ride. 2 mile run

Week 2
18/6 intermittent fasting
8. 2.39 country run & 2.63 hillly bike ride. 2nd book completed
9. Rest
10. 46 minute workout chest and back and 1 mile run on treadmill
11. 2 mile run on treadmill
12. 2 mile run on treadmill and 3rd book completed
13. 6.47 mile run plus 9.39 mile bike ride
14. 1.82 mile run in the rain/began half marathon training in Garmin

Week 3
20/4 intermittent fasting
15 2 mile run
16 3.6 mile run
17 rest
18 one hour gym workout
19 40 minute workout plus 1 mile treadmill
20 25 minute workout plus 2.3 miles on the treadmill
21 ran 10 miles and walked 2.5 miles

Week 4
24hr fasting M,W,F and 16hr fasting the other 4 days
22. 9.25 mile bike ride 4th book finished
23. 2 mile run and 25 minute workout
24. 1.6 mile mountain hike and 2 mile run
25. One hour workout
26. 50 minute workout
27. 4.5 mile run and 4.5 mile bike ride and 45 minute workout
28. 6 mile run and 9.3 mile bike ride and a 30 minute workout

Week 5
16/8 intermittent fasting
29. 2 mile run
30. 5 mile run 5th book completed
31. 100 crunches and 30 minute stretch
32. 45 minute workout
33. 6 mile run
34. 9.2 mile run and 30 minute workout
35. 4 mile run and 1 mile walk

Week 6
Juice Fast Reboot
36. Rest
37. Rest
38. 100 squats
39. Rest working hard and starving but not working out or running
40. I guess this will be my Rest Week ☹️ fail
41. 40 minute workout & 3 mile run in the pouring rain
42. 3 mile run

Week 7 16/8 fast
43. Rest
44. Rest
45. 2 mile run
46. 3.2 mile run
47. 5.7 mile run
48. Rest
49. 16.3 mile run

Week 8

50. Rest
51. 10 mile run & 30 minute workout
52. 3 mile run & 22 minute workout
53. 4 mile run
54. 20 minute workout
55. 6.6 mile run
56. Rest

Week 9

57. Rest
58. 3 mile run & 20 minute workout
59. 3 mile run & 25 minute workout
60. 2 mile run with Gabriel


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